GMO Infertility Time Bomb

GMO: “Food” that KILLS and STERILIZES people and animals

The GMO Infertility Time Bomb

You may know Dr. Gary Null from his stunning “Death by Medicine” report a few years ago.  His latest film spells out the revolting dangers of the GMO industry in ways you have never seen before. Folks, Monsanto and friends are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to all life on earth. That is not hype or exaggeration.  Right now, plants are a ticking GMO time bomb around the world.

Click HERE to watch the video. (under 15 minutes)

“Epicyte Gene” Causes Permanent, Irreversible Infertility

I learned a lot myself. How much do you know about the “Epicyte gene” that causes permanent, irreversible infertility in both men and women? Think it might be good to learn more? All around us young couples are struggling to conceive, with no success despite high-tech, high-cost medical help.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to tell your family and friends the truth. As Health Ranger Mike Adams says: “Telling the truth about GMOs is practically a crime. The mainstream media, meanwhile, refuses to cover the truth about GMO dangers. And the U.S. government itself is, of course, completely sold out to corporate interests and thus won’t warn the American people about GMOs, either.

We quite literally live in an age so bizarre and irrational that the simple act of warning fellow citizens about poison in the food is now systematically suppressed. The status quo wants you to eat your poison, shut up, stop asking questions and check yourself in at the nearest for-profit cancer center once those tumors start to show up.

That’s the new system of oppression and slavery in America: It’s medical slavery, economic slavery and even thought slavery.”

You Can Take Action Today

Please watch it now, and then share this article before the November 6th referendum. And donate if you can to the Proposition 37 campaign.

Remember, if GMO labeling can be forced in California, by far the most populated state,  it will spread to the other 49 states in a hurry.

God bless you!


P.S For direct help eliminating toxins and other fertility blockers download the Hulda Clark Action Plan.  Dr. Clark was ahead of her time, and her instructions are clear.