Don’t Ask Your Doctor to Scratch Your Back


Summer birthday parties are lots of fun – a splash pool, kids running around, a BBQ, lots of juicy watermelon and great conversation.

At the party last Saturday I sat with Pam. We watched her grandson frolic with all the scampering kids. Unfortunately, I saw that Pam was burdened with her super-sized weight, barely able to walk. She was in a lot of pain.


As we chatted, I found that she had arthritis. Climbing stairs brought on searing pain, like a wolf chomping her right knee.

Despite this, she informed me that she had not concerned herself with healthy diet and nutritional support.

When her knee hurt, she got herself a cane.

Then she went for the cortisone shot.

Finally, when she couldn’t go up stairs even after the shot, she sold the house, and got a one-level rancher.


Pam told me that she had just been to the doctor because her back was itchy.

The doctor wisely told her to get a back scratcher, and scratch her own back!!

She now gets no exercise and packs on the weight so she can barely walk. So she figured it was up to the doc to scratch her back as well.


Excitedly, I told Pam of a cheap and simple answer that has helped many people like her.

She could improve her health, live every minute fully, and get quality time with her grandson.

Pam opened her hands and shrugged her shoulders.

She slammed the door of hope for a healthy future.


Folks, to get better, you “gotta wanna.” TAKE CHARGE of your own health today.

Dr Hulda Clark called this concept “Self Health.”

Don’t become a pain-ridden, itchy sack of medical dependency.

A little determination and dedication can tackle any health problem. Twenty years ago I had cancer for the second time. Today, with Self Health,  I enjoy wonderful life.

We see folks every day who use their zapper, change their diet, eliminate toxins, and step out. Their lives are transformed.

One. Small. Step. At. A. Time.

Start today. We will walk you through. Get your Action Plan free from

Start at the beginning. Fill out the Symptom Score Sheet to paint your “Before” picture.

Then go through it, one small step at a time.

You will be amazed to see what your marvelous self-healing body can do!

God bless you as you take action today.


P.S. Some very smart people we know decided to put life-changing, raw food (fruits, vegetables and vineyard) in capsule form, retaining their nutritional density with the enzymes. Your body recognizes them as the pure food that they are.

They even found a way to get your (grand)kids to love their vegetables, begging for them every day.

Contact Lyn about the vegetables and fruits in a capsule or gummy – or 1-778-808-7615

Great Hope For Sinus Infection Sufferers

I often hear from people with sinus infections that are very difficult to heal. Bill’s story will encourage you:

A Molar Extraction Gone Wrong

“In early October 2011, my dentist had to split a molar to extract it. The root of the first molar half created an opening directly into my sinus above it. The sinus opening acted as a vacuum, sucking the second half of the molar up into my sinus cavity.

The Dentist explained thoroughly the possible dangers. I’m confident in her judgment. She recommended “Antibiotics, freshen the packing, liquid diet and don’t apply sudden air pressure from above or below the sinus, for 2-4 weeks. Do mouthwash 3x/day with salt & warm water, while the opening heals.”

I was to keep her informed, & consider surgery if the tooth did not come out on its own. In fact, I should consider starting appointments with a nose & mouth surgeon right away. I decided to wait & see, with caution.

“The smell would knock a dog off a gut wagon!”

Within 2 weeks, the tooth cavity had somewhat healed, but antibiotics never contained the sinus infection & inflammation. My normal breathing followed a path through the sinus from nose to mouth that encouraged the tooth half to roll about.

A putrid odor followed me, “strong enough to knock a dog off a gut wagon.” It was disgusting, impossible to ignore or escape.

My normal gut health needed help to restart, and other secondary symptoms began. I used a neti pot, washing the sinus 4 times a day.

Next stop, facial surgery.  I am ready t-o-d-a-y.

Then I Found Dr Clark’s Book

The end of this unhealthy scenario started when I read Dr. Hulda Clark’s book, “The Cure For All Diseases.”  And end it did.

I bought Arthur’s AutoZap 5 zapper & FreeCoil SuperZappicator Oct 19/11. I believe the zappicator more than the zapper did the job, but how can I prove it?  On October 28th I started using the zapper & zappicator, along with probiotics, and the Hulda Clark cleanse programs.

Within hours, a subtle body calm signaled that my focus was changing. I had deeper, easier breathing, and got thirsty.

Within 3 days the odor left , although its mental imprint was on high alert warning for months after. I immediately stopped antibiotics when the odor stopped.

Within a week the nasal drip stopped, and use of the neti pot was only for nasal congestion, twice a month, maybe. I never followed up on the pending surgery appointments, & left my dentist with just, “see you in 6 months for the regular cleaning.”

Normal At Last!

In 3 to 7 days, all was normal, at least for me. I was on a new path of better health.

Except, the tooth was still in my sinus. In Jun 2012, 8 months later, the tooth snorted out my nose, confirmed & ID’d by the dentist.

During those 8 months, about every 3 weeks the tooth inflamed the sinus. This triggered a thorough SuperZappicator session, which immediately (I mean now) cleared it up.

From first owning the 5 minute zapper, I have used it 5 days out of 7, and the SuperZappicator is used on specific ailing body parts 2-4 times per month.

Thank-you, Dr. Clark & Arthur!”

Bill O.

P.S. If you know someone with a sinus infection problem, why not share this with them?

If you have a question or comment, send it to us below.

God bless you!


Vaccine Myths Could Kill You


Your Body Is Designed to Heal Itself

A great legacy from Dr Hulda Clark is her belief that our bodies are self-healing. They can grow and heal themselves just fine without toxic drugs or medical interventions.  Hundreds of thousands of her readers have confirmed this truth, recovering from a multitude of diseases by killing parasites, eating sensibly and getting rid of toxins in their food, water and home.

Big Medicine Lies to Us

The growing pressure to get vaccinated for everything under the sun contradicts this truth.  If one looks at the actual SCIENCE behind vaccination, it soon is clear that the pro-vaccine spokes-people are parroting lies designed to create fear in our hearts. These lies also put obscene profits in the pockets of Big Medicine and their Big Pharma bosses.

Learn the Big Three Vaccine Myths In This Video

This new video explains the three most common vaccine myths, and offers links for further research.

Check it out, and share it if you find it helpful.  You may help save a life, or prevent a lifetime of disability for some innocent youngster.

God bless you!


P.S Keep your immune system strong with excellent nutrition. We use Juice Plus every day.  Email Lyn at or see


Will You Do Whatever It Takes To Live?


Do you want to live?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to live?  Those are the BIG questions you will hear from Blanca if you are sick.

We just spent a wonderful day with our friends Sergio and Blanca.  They are a couple that would make Dr Hulda Clark proud.   Sergio is almost fully recovered from multiple myeloma and doing amazingly well.   What started as back pain from lifting a 4 lb dog ended up with a cancer diagnosis.

Sergio was skeptical of all natural treatments/therapies, and insisted on doing a series of chemo treatments.

But his wife Blanca was a staunch believer that poison could not cure a cancer problem.  So she would visit the hospital during chemo treatments with a juicer and nutritional supplements in her rolling suitcase.

Do not give up till you find the cure

Blanca went into full on research mode and discovered Dr Hulda Clark, eliminating toxicity, killing parasites,  blending up key foods to support Sergio’s fight against his cancer.

She found, and is one of our most avid supporters of the AutoZap 5 zapper and SuperZappicator.  They don’t go anywhere without the zapper, and zappicating all of their food.

Blanca is a brilliant, unstoppable detective, searching out clues, questioning the standard protocols in clinics and therapists worldwide.  She and Sergio have discovered different strategic testing from Greece to Edmonds, Washington.

The main therapies they use now are the AutoZap 5 zapper, SuperZappicator, far infrared sauna, coffee enemas, baking soda and magnesium flake baths, zero sugar diet, high powered green smoothies made with her Vita Mix, exercise, relaxation, custom tinctures and detox drops from Dr Richard Loyd in Edmonds, Washington.

When you find the cure, pass it on

Sergio and Blanca are dedicated and committed to natural healing. Their dream is to open their own clinic one day soon, based on their research and success with Sergio.  Already they have many people coming to them to help walk through the cancer minefield.

The first things Blanca will ask you are, “Do you want to live? Will you do whatever it takes to get better?”  Then she will recommend that you read our ebook , the Hulda Clark Action Plan.  Sounds like a good idea to me.

We thought we were just having lunch with Sergio and Blanca when they came to town, but we left them at the hotel after spending an amazing 5 hours together.  They are such joyful, generous givers. Thank you, Blanca and Sergio, for the love and kindness you have shown us today, including the float plane ride around Vancouver.

Thank you most of all for the bright hope you share, that cancer is not a death sentence.

God bless you!


Ebola Virus Protection Info, or Infomercial?

Electron microscope image of Ebola virus

Electron microscope image of Ebola virus

Response to my Ebola virus protection post has been very encouraging. But this comment by Pablo really caught my attention:

“I jumped over to your Weblog this morning… While I could agree with many things that were stated (in concept), it comes across as an infomercial that, in effect, says “buy all this stuff and you will be good to go.”

“There also appears to be a logical non sequitur in your presentation: if our bodies have innate healing abilities, why would I need to buy all this stuff, given that I am presumably better off than one of my impoverished brothers or sisters in West Africa?”

Good comments!   Let’s talk about his concerns one at a time.

Today, the “infomercial.” Tomorrow, the non sequitur.

“(Ebola Virus Protection) Post was an Infomercial”

My intention in all my posts is to give you the best information I can find, to help you protect yourself and your family with Self Health in these crazy days.  I am an engineer, not a doctor, so I aim for RESULTS, with the greatest “bang for the buck.”

In that particular post I was outlining the action points for my next few posts. That was to give you a head start in protecting your family from not just Ebola, but anything that might come our way in the next few months and years.

Time is of the essence today.

We do not know when the PTB (powers that be) might clamp down on all sales of natural health supplies because they threaten sales of their toxic vaccines and drugs.  Better to be a few months early in preparing, than a minute late!

The Actual Costs of My Ebola Virus Protection List

To make such a list meaningful, I had to give you sources and links for key products that we have tested, and trust with our life. That way you could purchase anything you found useful, right away.  Before the rush.

The fact of life is that most safe, helpful, high quality products cost money.

If I recommend something, and you buy it, does that somehow make my recommendation an “infomercial”?  What if I do not make a penny from your purchase of most of the items on the list? The only ones where I might benefit from your purchase are the AutoZap 5 Wellness System and the StopTummyPain link.

The GOOD NEWS is that if you were to buy every product offered by the suppliers I linked, you would still spend far less than the $5000 cost of a single dose of chemotherapy, or a couple days in a US hospital.  Every item on the list offers real protection value.

Here is a quick “back of the envelope” cost summary for the Ebola virus protection points I gave:

1. AutoZap 5 Zapper Wellness System PLUS – $517 for a family, for life (plus $50 a year for replacement wristbands and wires). This becomes $155 per year per family if we assume the System totally dies at the end of the 5 year warranty period. It is actually designed to last 50 years.

2. Dr Clark’s cleanses – low cost to remove toxins from home; maybe $300 per person/year for herbal cleanses and pure, safe soaps

3. BarleyPlus green juice powder is about $300 per person per year; Juice Plus is about $1100//year per person

4. Feed your white blood cells daily: about $200/year per person

5. MMS daily use about $100/year per person; MesoSilver (in 5 gallon carboy) about $350/year per person at one ounce per day

6. For full set of probiotics, enzymes and vitamins from Sherry Brescia ( about $600/year per person

7. A good set of essential oils can be assembled for $200- $300, and it will be a resource for years.  Hard to estimate cost/year per person: say $50

Non-Zapper Item Costs

The overall cost for all the non-zapper items is $3000/year, per person.  For a family of four, that is $12,000 a year, or $1000 per month. That cost is actually a lot lower than Obamacare, and would provide actual health protection, instead of toxic sickness care and drugs in case of illness.  But $1000/month is still a lot for most families these days.

Since the protection is made of many independent layers, you can pick and choose to reduce the per-person costs to what you can afford.  In dire straits, I would consider the MMS at about $100/year per person, and work up from there. But with any consumable protection item, you have to consider storage methods, expiry dates and re-supply down the road, in uncertain times.

Zapper Wellness System Costs

By comparison with the other “consumable” forms of protection, the worst-case amortized cost for the AutoZap 5 Wellness System is almost trivial at $155 per year, for any size family (including pets, if any).  For a family of two, it works out to just over 21 cents per day per person, over five years. For a family of four, it is about a dime a day.

And there are no expiry dates or storage concerns. Keep a few extra AA batteries and SuperStraps wristbands on hand, and you are good to go for many years.

Why I Start With the Zapper for Ebola Protection

That is why it seems plain to me that the AutoZap 5 Wellness System is the best way to START protecting your family.

I say this because one zapper can directly help support the immune system of a whole family, of any size. And so far, the amazing human immune system is the ONLY thing that has given proven Ebola virus protection.

The FreeCoil SuperZappicators in the Wellness System are uniquely helpful. Powered by the zapper, they help neutralize pathogens and toxins in the body, in water and in food, no matter how big the family.

Because the Wellness System is a one-time investment, you won’t run out of immune protection if the markets collapse and the supply systems are disrupted (or if a few more people show up).

Why do I trust the zapper?  Twenty years ago, I was healed of a painful, fast-growing breast cancer by Dr Clark’s methods. After 19 years of using AutoZap zappers, I know of no other wellness tool that can compare, at any price. And no other zapper out there is as efficient, fast or gentle as the AutoZap 5 zapper with its 5-minute complete cycle.  I think that is why we only refund 2% of AutoZap 5 zappers under our one-year full money-back guarantee (if you are not delighted with your results).

Read Dr Hulda Clark’s books to see the amazing results she saw with her thousands of patients, using equipment far less advanced than the Wellness System. See user stories at, and on this blog.

If it all makes sense to you, get prepared while you still can. Act NOW.

We are seeing heavy demand for Wellness Systems, so we cannot promise we won’t be back-ordered. But we will do our very best for you and your family.

God bless you!





Health Crash Coming Soon

EBOLA Virus Protection – Are You Wearing Your Seat Belt?

Car crash into tree

Is your seat belt fastened?

Seat belts only work if you use them all the time. It does not help to buckle up half a second after the crash.

Protecting your health works the same way. 

With Ebola virus, the crash can be horrific, with no medical treatment yet proven effective. So how have HALF of the people infected with Ebola managed to survive?

Let’s learn their secret, and prepare our defenses. An ounce of prevention is MUCH better (and cheaper!) than a pound of cure.

The Tragic Background of the Ebola Survivors

Please note that the vast majority of those African Ebola survivors were living with:

Severe malnutrition, starvation, war, poverty, hopelessness, industrial pollution, contaminated water supplies, stolen farm land, overcrowding, prior toxic vaccine campaigns (for yellow fever, polio, meningitis), and toxic medical drugs.

YET they have survived the most frightening virus ever unleashed on man.  Just think how many more would have survived with healthy food, clean water, pure air and modern sanitation.

Their Amazing, Self-healing Bodies

ALL of the Ebola virus survivors to date have recovered because of the Ebola virus protection power of their SELF-HEALING BODIES. They survived despite the desperate conditions and malnutrition of their daily life.

Their survival, seemingly against all odds, gives great HOPE for all of us.

NOW, for a short time, we have the advantage of time to prepare our defenses to be even better prepared than they ever could.  But the time to prepare is short.


Natural immunity is the ONLY thing that has beaten Ebola so far!  Under the sweltering African sun, in desperate poverty and malnutrition, over HALF the victims have survived Ebola infection.  Let’s learn from them.

Act NOW – Here is What I Do

We simply do not know how long we will be able to obtain the natural immune defense tools we need. 

Here is how I protect my health and my family with several simple, cheap, effective tools.  Though simple, and low in cost, they offer very powerful layered protection.

The next few posts will give you more details. But here I give you enough to enable you and your loved ones to start today.

1.  I use my AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark zapper every day to keep my immune system in tip-top shape to repel any attack, even Ebola.  Dr Clark’s research showed that the zapper helps defend against all pathogens, including viruses, by waking up our white blood cells.  The white blood cells are our own Navy SEAL commandos that identify and “take out the trash” in our bloodstream.  And our immune cells then make antibodies to prevent recurrence, protecting us in the future.  See my many zapper-related videos on YouTube under user ad7077.

2.  I also keep my body as free of toxins as possible, because toxic chemicals can dramatically cripple our immune system. In fact, Dr Hulda Clark showed that many common toxins even allow parasites to cause serious diseases like cancer and diabetes.  Download the free Hulda Clark Action Plan from to learn how to clean up your body, home and diet.

3.  I take raw green juice with vitamin C every morning to start the day by feeding my 70 trillion body cells pure live nutrition.  Juice Plus freeze-dried capsules are another good way we feed our living cells.

4. I feed my white blood cells organic selenium, germanium and vitamin C to keep them healthy and aggressive. Watch my video on How To Feed Your White Blood Cells on YouTube.

5.  I also keep MMS and MesoSIlver on hand. Read up on the MMS miracle at  See for the only silver colloid I trust and pay money for.

6.  I maintain healthy gut flora, because a large part of our immune system is in our gut.  See to get the “Pain Free In One Day” free report for help with all sorts of digestive problems.

7. I stock many essential oils from healing plants such as oregano, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon balm, grapefruit seed extract and more.  Dr Hulda Clark recommended herbs and oils from for purity and economy.

8. I use common sense to screen the media reports. They are full of “Fear Porn,” designed to keep us weak, sick and trembling.  Ignore the panic-inducing propaganda. One simple example is the fatality rate, touted as “up to 90%” in many news reports.  Yet a child can calculate that the death rate is far lower: on October 10th, 2014 a total of 8376 cases had been reported, with 4024 deaths reported. That is a mortality of 48% – bad, but still a cause for hope.  52% – More than HALF – survived, in desperate conditions where the death rate is already high from starvation, malnutrition, lack of clean water, and improper sanitation.  We really do have amazing self-healing bodies!


We are living in trying times, and need each other as never before.

I want to help and encourage as many people as I can with the simple, powerful truth of our amazing self-healing bodies. If you found this post helpful, please help others by sharing it with friends. If each of you shares it with just a couple of others, we can encourage millions in the face of a pretty discouraging and scary plague.

If there is something I missed, tell me. I want to share the BEST help possible.

God bless you!


P.S. Please share your results or questions in the Comments section on this page.

P.P.S. Check out for original thinking on the whole field of health and those who control it. Jon Rappoport does some amazing research, and keeps the results clear and simple.





Can The Hulda Clark Zapper Stop Paralysis?


What if you woke up “dead”?

All is black. You cannot move a muscle.

Not even your eyelids. You are now blind.

You cannot speak a word.

How desperate would you feel?

This is the story of a woman who had that happen to her.  Fortunately, her friends had an AutoZap 5 Wellness System…

Here is their report.

We got the zapper for our vaccine-damaged son

“I originally purchased the AutoZap 5 zapper to help my son who contracted GBS/CIDP [Guillain‐Barré syndrome/chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) ] from a D-TaP/hep B vaccine. He also contracted Bell’s palsy and Lyme disease from a tick bite.

The zapper has helped my son by bringing a “glow” of health to his appearance.  Also, as he is twelve approaching thirteen, zapping daily has served as an effective way to circumvent the formation of acne pimples on his skin.

Our friends noticed his recovery. One lady [who has multiple sclerosis (MS) and myasthenia gravis (MG)] asked exactly what we were doing to help him.  We mentioned the zapper in detail. She took the account as a delightful story and skimmed through the Hulda Clark “Cure For All Diseases” book at her leisure.

We also showed her the video on featuring the young lady who fought MS with the zapper.  She was very receptive to the information and the YouTube testimony. But we heard nothing further from her about the zapper.

Our friend was paralyzed, blind and unable to talk

We heard nothing further, that is, until the day she had a severe episode with both MS and myasthenia gravis.  During this episode she could no longer walk, sit up, talk, or open her eyes. She could only make grunts.

Nothing was working for her, and she did not want to go back to the hospital. They would only discharge her after a few hours and tell her that this illness is all in her mind.

…until the AutoZap zapper

My wife placed our AutoZap 5 zapper wristbands on her wrists. She turned the zapper on to the 1 hour cycle, and left her in bed for that hour.

At the end of the hour my wife’s friend was sitting up and stated, “I was wondering when you were going to come back. What is this thing?  I was afraid to touch it.”  My wife took off the wristbands, and told her that this was the zapper we informed her of months earlier, which helped our son.

“Nothing else was working”

My wife’s friend then excitedly wanted to know how the zapper worked, and what it does.  She also told us that nothing else was working.

My wife gave a brief explanation, and led her back to Hulda Clark’s books for detailed information.

At this time our friend is saving to purchase her own AutoZap 5 zapper and SuperZappicator.”

Best regards,

Dirk K and family

 Could Your Family Use a Miracle Right Now?

Can the Hulda Clark Zapper stop paralysis?  At least one lady thinks so.

Of course, you may not need the power of the zapper to stop paralysis today.

But what about all the other health challenges you face? Not just colds and flu, but cancer, arthritis, painful joints and mystery diseases like Lyme.

What about protecting your kids from the diseases like whooping cough and TB that are re-appearing despite Modern Medicine?

What about the diseases now spreading from the massive influx of people from Central America?

If you do not think Obamacare is the answer, what is your plan B?

Tens of thousands of people like you have found help and hope over the last 19 years using the AutoZap zapper.

They live in more than 70 countries around the world. See some of their stories at

You may order your own lifetime AutoZap 5 Wellness System online at any time HERE.

God bless you!


Dr Hulda Regehr Clark

Hulda Clark’s HUGE Dream Conquers Fear

Dr Hulda Clark - Copyright 2003 Arthur Doerksen

Dr Hulda Regehr Clark

Dr Hulda Clark Had a Dream

Born in rugged, rural northern Canada, Dr Hulda Regehr Clark knew the value of self-reliance, and helping your neighbors.

And Dr Clark had a BIG  dream.

Though she had a PhD in human physiology, she was offended by the way the medical profession kept sick people hostage, treating rather than curing disease.

Her dream was to take control of health care out of the hands of “professionals.” She called this approach “Self Health.”

She wanted to empower every mother at her kitchen table to care for the health of her own family.

So, for all the mothers out there, Dr Clark published the results of her decades of ground-breaking research. She told exactly how to duplicate her health-boosting inventions: the zapper and the zappicator.

Her books told all her secrets.  No patents, no costly potions. Sick and desperate people were not held for ransom.

Her books gave mothers two great gifts: knowledge, and confidence.

Part One: Knowledge that Cures

From the start, Hulda Clark focused on explaining what went wrong in sick bodies. She covered pets as well.

Then she shared how to make things right. Cancer, diabetes, seizures, chronic pain, arthritis and many more gave up their secrets to this determined sleuth.

Starting by getting rid of household poisons, she gave simple recipes for safe products to replace them.

Then she showed proven herbal and electronic ways to help the body eliminate both toxins and parasites, then rebuild.

Every suggestion was safe and inexpensive.  Dr Clark personally tested everything on herself before she would try it on anybody else.

Thousands of patients in her clinics proved that her approach worked.  In fact, she did not even publish her first book until she had one hundred patients cured using her methods. I myself am healthy living proof, 20 years later, that her methods can cure breast cancer.

Today, I regularly talk to people who have proven Hulda Clark’s methods worked in the most difficult situations.

Part Two: Confidence to DO It

The second part of Dr Clark’s legacy was her unique way of encouraging everybody that they were competent to heal themselves.

She empowered others.

She patiently taught mothers faced with with overwhelming health challenges how to start at the beginning, take simple steps, and keep going till they were victorious. Their fear melted away. Their confidence grew.

If you asked her a question she could not answer, she would smile, blue eyes twinkling, and say, “Why don’t YOU find out?”

She never berated or discouraged anyone.

As a result, countless mothers stepped out with confidence and hope to help their families.

We may never know how many lives have been saved by these brave mothers and those they have helped.  But it is always a delight to meet them and hear their victory stories.

They now live with a “can do” attitude, very different from the widespread pitiful dependence on the medical profession to solve our problems.

Part Three: HOPE for You Right Now

If this seems to good to be true, I have a simple test for you.

Download the free Hulda Clark Action Plan by clicking here.

Read it. Feel its simple power, the power of truth.

Then take ACTION.

In the Action Plan, pick one simple toxic clean-up that you can do at no cost, today.


Then pick another. See what happens. Rinse and repeat.

Take small steps toward your own health freedom.

Record your results on the Symptom Score Sheet on page 6 of the Action Plan.

Your health revolution starts today.


God bless you on your voyage of discovery!


P.S. Please let me know your results or questions in the Comments section on the page below.



Image of brain with MS

Kicking Out MS: MS Cure NATURALLY


Imagine being in your late twenties, with a promising musical career ahead.

THEN – a few weird symptoms, a real scare or two, and the devastating diagnosis of MS – multiple sclerosis.  The MRI does not lie.

The experts said, “Tracy, there is NO CURE – life as you know it is over. Take these deadly shots and get used to it.”

There is HOPE for MS!

But there was HOPE outside the box. Tracy discovered her amazing self-healing body.

Watch this amazing Thanksgiving story about a real MS cure.  As you watch, try counting the number of people who got helped by just this one changed life.

Remember, there is hope for YOU and those you love as well.

God bless you this Thanksgiving, and always!


P.S. Why not share this post with a friend with MS?



Flu symptom picture

What If Zapping Makes Me Feel Worse?


Why Would I Feel Worse?

When we start a healthy new Flu symptom picturehabit like zapping, we expect to feel better as a result.  But what if we actually feel WORSE? A lady just called and said she got nausea after zapping only once.  I soon found out that she had been on heavy doses of toxic pain meds for 13 years.  And to fix the nausea, she got a shot of Compazine, one of the nastiest drugs ever made!

Many years ago this detoxification phenomenon was recognized in syphilis patients receiving treatment, and christened the Herxheimer effect.  Another name for it is a cleansing reaction.

This cleansing reaction starts when you begin zapping. Your body senses that help has arrived.  It begins to remove toxins it has stored in various tissues over the years, because it was unable at the time to break them down.

The body’s goal is now to eliminate these harmful substances through the kidneys. As the toxins are released from their hidden storage places, they are carried by the bloodstream to the kidneys.  But once in the bloodstream, they can cause us to feel worse, with pain, nausea, or flu-like symptoms.

Who Gets A Cleansing Reaction?

Most people do not notice any cleansing reaction when they start zapping.  But there are certain factors that increase your risk of feeling symptoms.

People who have been on long courses of prescription medications are more likely to notice a cleansing reaction when they begin to use a Hulda Clark zapper.  So are folks who have been exposed to environmental pollution, or have eaten a lot of unhealthy foods with artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

How Long Can It Last?

The duration of cleansing symptoms is highly variable, governed by the wisdom of our amazing self-healing bodies.  It depends on the size of the toxic load stored in our tissues, the efficiency of our liver and kidney function, and our overall vitality.

After 18 years of selling zappers around the world, we have found that the symptoms usually last from a few days to about two weeks.

What Can I Do To Stop The Symptoms?

Because the symptoms result from toxins on their way out, anything we can do to help the kidneys flush out can reduce the duration.  Simple things like drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting good rest can make a big difference and shorten our suffering.

For severe detox symptoms, another approach is to reduce the amount of zapping somewhat.  This will usually slow down the cleansing process, and reduce the symptoms.  Try to listen to your body, and let it guide you.

Most people find that they can start with one red 5-minute zapping cycle per day, building up to two 5-minute cycles per day after a few days, and increasing gradually after that if needed.  In severe cases, it may be necessary to zap on alternate days at first, increasing then to daily zapping.

Should I Stop Zapping If I Feel Sick?

In 98% of cases, you will do better if you keep zapping, drinking water and exercising. Your body is designed to heal itself, and it will appreciate the help.

For the rare case where your health is delicate and your body is extremely toxic, pausing zapping for a few days at a time may be the best way to keep things manageable at first.  Just remember, keep working patiently toward daily zapping.  You are building a foundation for your future health.


Daily zapping is important because it is the safest way I know to help your body to stay healthy for the rest of your life.  Remember that we all are under attack from parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi every day, as well as toxins in our food, water and air.

Of course, the advanced design of the super-fast AutoZap 5 zapper lets you stay healthy in just 5 minutes a day!

Please do not let the possibility of a temporary cleansing reaction keep you from all the benefits of daily Hulda Clark zapping.

God bless you!


"Zap daily: a strong immune system is NEVER a disadvantage."





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