Can The Hulda Clark Zapper Stop Paralysis?


What if you woke up “dead”?

All is black. You cannot move a muscle.

Not even your eyelids. You are now blind.

You cannot speak a word.

How desperate would you feel?

This is the story of a woman who had that happen to her.  Fortunately, her friends had an AutoZap 5 Wellness System…

Here is their report.

We got the zapper for our vaccine-damaged son

“I originally purchased the AutoZap 5 zapper to help my son who contracted GBS/CIDP [Guillain‐Barré syndrome/chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) ] from a D-TaP/hep B vaccine. He also contracted Bell’s palsy and Lyme disease from a tick bite.

The zapper has helped my son by bringing a “glow” of health to his appearance.  Also, as he is twelve approaching thirteen, zapping daily has served as an effective way to circumvent the formation of acne pimples on his skin.

Our friends noticed his recovery. One lady [who has multiple sclerosis (MS) and myasthenia gravis (MG)] asked exactly what we were doing to help him.  We mentioned the zapper in detail. She took the account as a delightful story and skimmed through the Hulda Clark “Cure For All Diseases” book at her leisure.

We also showed her the video on featuring the young lady who fought MS with the zapper.  She was very receptive to the information and the YouTube testimony. But we heard nothing further from her about the zapper.

Our friend was paralyzed, blind and unable to talk

We heard nothing further, that is, until the day she had a severe episode with both MS and myasthenia gravis.  During this episode she could no longer walk, sit up, talk, or open her eyes. She could only make grunts.

Nothing was working for her, and she did not want to go back to the hospital. They would only discharge her after a few hours and tell her that this illness is all in her mind.

…until the AutoZap zapper

My wife placed our AutoZap 5 zapper wristbands on her wrists. She turned the zapper on to the 1 hour cycle, and left her in bed for that hour.

At the end of the hour my wife’s friend was sitting up and stated, “I was wondering when you were going to come back. What is this thing?  I was afraid to touch it.”  My wife took off the wristbands, and told her that this was the zapper we informed her of months earlier, which helped our son.

“Nothing else was working”

My wife’s friend then excitedly wanted to know how the zapper worked, and what it does.  She also told us that nothing else was working.

My wife gave a brief explanation, and led her back to Hulda Clark’s books for detailed information.

At this time our friend is saving to purchase her own AutoZap 5 zapper and SuperZappicator.”

Best regards,

Dirk K and family

 Could Your Family Use a Miracle Right Now?

Can the Hulda Clark Zapper stop paralysis?  At least one lady thinks so.

Of course, you may not need the power of the zapper to stop paralysis today.

But what about all the other health challenges you face? Not just colds and flu, but cancer, arthritis, painful joints and mystery diseases like Lyme.

What about protecting your kids from the diseases like whooping cough and TB that are re-appearing despite Modern Medicine?

What about the diseases now spreading from the massive influx of people from Central America?

If you do not think Obamacare is the answer, what is your plan B?

Tens of thousands of people like you have found help and hope over the last 19 years using the AutoZap zapper.

They live in more than 70 countries around the world. See some of their stories at

You may order your own lifetime AutoZap 5 Wellness System online at any time HERE.

God bless you!


Dr Hulda Regehr Clark

Hulda Clark’s HUGE Dream Conquers Fear

Dr Hulda Clark - Copyright 2003 Arthur Doerksen

Dr Hulda Regehr Clark

Dr Hulda Clark Had a Dream

Born in rugged, rural northern Canada, Dr Hulda Regehr Clark knew the value of self-reliance, and helping your neighbors.

And Dr Clark had a BIG  dream.

Though she had a PhD in human physiology, she was offended by the way the medical profession kept sick people hostage, treating rather than curing disease.

Her dream was to take control of health care out of the hands of “professionals.” She called this approach “Self Health.”

She wanted to empower every mother at her kitchen table to care for the health of her own family.

So, for all the mothers out there, Dr Clark published the results of her decades of ground-breaking research. She told exactly how to duplicate her health-boosting inventions: the zapper and the zappicator.

Her books told all her secrets.  No patents, no costly potions. Sick and desperate people were not held for ransom.

Her books gave mothers two great gifts: knowledge, and confidence.

Part One: Knowledge that Cures

From the start, Hulda Clark focused on explaining what went wrong in sick bodies. She covered pets as well.

Then she shared how to make things right. Cancer, diabetes, seizures, chronic pain, arthritis and many more gave up their secrets to this determined sleuth.

Starting by getting rid of household poisons, she gave simple recipes for safe products to replace them.

Then she showed proven herbal and electronic ways to help the body eliminate both toxins and parasites, then rebuild.

Every suggestion was safe and inexpensive.  Dr Clark personally tested everything on herself before she would try it on anybody else.

Thousands of patients in her clinics proved that her approach worked.  In fact, she did not even publish her first book until she had one hundred patients cured using her methods. I myself am healthy living proof, 20 years later, that her methods can cure breast cancer.

Today, I regularly talk to people who have proven Hulda Clark’s methods worked in the most difficult situations.

Part Two: Confidence to DO It

The second part of Dr Clark’s legacy was her unique way of encouraging everybody that they were competent to heal themselves.

She empowered others.

She patiently taught mothers faced with with overwhelming health challenges how to start at the beginning, take simple steps, and keep going till they were victorious. Their fear melted away. Their confidence grew.

If you asked her a question she could not answer, she would smile, blue eyes twinkling, and say, “Why don’t YOU find out?”

She never berated or discouraged anyone.

As a result, countless mothers stepped out with confidence and hope to help their families.

We may never know how many lives have been saved by these brave mothers and those they have helped.  But it is always a delight to meet them and hear their victory stories.

They now live with a “can do” attitude, very different from the widespread pitiful dependence on the medical profession to solve our problems.

Part Three: HOPE for You Right Now

If this seems to good to be true, I have a simple test for you.

Download the free Hulda Clark Action Plan by clicking here.

Read it. Feel its simple power, the power of truth.

Then take ACTION.

In the Action Plan, pick one simple toxic clean-up that you can do at no cost, today.


Then pick another. See what happens. Rinse and repeat.

Take small steps toward your own health freedom.

Record your results on the Symptom Score Sheet on page 6 of the Action Plan.

Your health revolution starts today.


God bless you on your voyage of discovery!


P.S. Please let me know your results or questions in the Comments section on the page below.



Image of brain with MS

Kicking Out MS: MS Cure NATURALLY


Imagine being in your late twenties, with a promising musical career ahead.

THEN – a few weird symptoms, a real scare or two, and the devastating diagnosis of MS – multiple sclerosis.  The MRI does not lie.

The experts said, “Tracy, there is NO CURE – life as you know it is over. Take these deadly shots and get used to it.”

There is HOPE for MS!

But there was HOPE outside the box. Tracy discovered her amazing self-healing body.

Watch this amazing Thanksgiving story about a real MS cure.  As you watch, try counting the number of people who got helped by just this one changed life.

Remember, there is hope for YOU and those you love as well.

YouTube Preview Image

God bless you this Thanksgiving, and always!


P.S. Why not share this post with a friend with MS?



Flu symptom picture

What If Zapping Makes Me Feel Worse?


Why Would I Feel Worse?

When we start a healthy new Flu symptom picturehabit like zapping, we expect to feel better as a result.  But what if we actually feel WORSE? A lady just called and said she got nausea after zapping only once.  I soon found out that she had been on heavy doses of toxic pain meds for 13 years.  And to fix the nausea, she got a shot of Compazine, one of the nastiest drugs ever made!

Many years ago this detoxification phenomenon was recognized in syphilis patients receiving treatment, and christened the Herxheimer effect.  Another name for it is a cleansing reaction.

This cleansing reaction starts when you begin zapping. Your body senses that help has arrived.  It begins to remove toxins it has stored in various tissues over the years, because it was unable at the time to break them down.

The body’s goal is now to eliminate these harmful substances through the kidneys. As the toxins are released from their hidden storage places, they are carried by the bloodstream to the kidneys.  But once in the bloodstream, they can cause us to feel worse, with pain, nausea, or flu-like symptoms.

Who Gets A Cleansing Reaction?

Most people do not notice any cleansing reaction when they start zapping.  But there are certain factors that increase your risk of feeling symptoms.

People who have been on long courses of prescription medications are more likely to notice a cleansing reaction when they begin to use a Hulda Clark zapper.  So are folks who have been exposed to environmental pollution, or have eaten a lot of unhealthy foods with artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

How Long Can It Last?

The duration of cleansing symptoms is highly variable, governed by the wisdom of our amazing self-healing bodies.  It depends on the size of the toxic load stored in our tissues, the efficiency of our liver and kidney function, and our overall vitality.

After 18 years of selling zappers around the world, we have found that the symptoms usually last from a few days to about two weeks.

What Can I Do To Stop The Symptoms?

Because the symptoms result from toxins on their way out, anything we can do to help the kidneys flush out can reduce the duration.  Simple things like drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting good rest can make a big difference and shorten our suffering.

For severe detox symptoms, another approach is to reduce the amount of zapping somewhat.  This will usually slow down the cleansing process, and reduce the symptoms.  Try to listen to your body, and let it guide you.

Most people find that they can start with one red 5-minute zapping cycle per day, building up to two 5-minute cycles per day after a few days, and increasing gradually after that if needed.  In severe cases, it may be necessary to zap on alternate days at first, increasing then to daily zapping.

Should I Stop Zapping If I Feel Sick?

In 98% of cases, you will do better if you keep zapping, drinking water and exercising. Your body is designed to heal itself, and it will appreciate the help.

For the rare case where your health is delicate and your body is extremely toxic, pausing zapping for a few days at a time may be the best way to keep things manageable at first.  Just remember, keep working patiently toward daily zapping.  You are building a foundation for your future health.


Daily zapping is important because it is the safest way I know to help your body to stay healthy for the rest of your life.  Remember that we all are under attack from parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi every day, as well as toxins in our food, water and air.

Of course, the advanced design of the super-fast AutoZap 5 zapper lets you stay healthy in just 5 minutes a day!

Please do not let the possibility of a temporary cleansing reaction keep you from all the benefits of daily Hulda Clark zapping.

God bless you!


"Zap daily: a strong immune system is NEVER a disadvantage."





Superbug assortment CDC 2013

Are Superbugs Going to End Human Life on Earth?


Superbug assortment picture CDC 2013

The United States’ Centers for Disease Control’s Antibiotic Resistance Threat Report for 2013 makes things sound pretty dismal for the future of human health. Apparently decades of antibiotic overuse have bred many new classes of “superbugs.”

Doctors and hospitals are now in big trouble when their magic bullets do not work on common infections like VRE, MRSA and many more.

The CDC says at least two million such super-infections arise each year in the USA, with at least 23,000 deaths as a direct result.  And things are rapidly getting worse, with new drug-resistant bugs multiplying, and few new antibiotics in the development pipeline.

The Good News First…

These “superbugs” are only a real threat if your immune system is compromised or immature.

If you do not have a normal immune defense, then you must get an “antibiotic” [literally "anti-life"] drug to do what your immune system is designed to do automatically.

But these drug-resistant bacteria are not particularly “super,” merely resistant to pharmaceutical drugs.  If you have an intact immune system, and have been able to develop normal immunity through childhood exposure to breastfeeding, sunshine, dirt, germs, sick friends and loved ones, you should fight them off easily, building lasting immunity in the process.

Of course, these days such childhood immune boosters are rejected in favor of multiple toxic vaccinations, lead-laced baby formula, toxic sunscreen creams, super-sanitation with toxic chemicals like triclosan and chlorine bleach, and avoidance of sick people like the plague.  Because of this, many adults and children in North America’s “advanced” health care environment are scraping through life riddled by allergies, ADD, indigestion, malnutrition, and drug dependency from early years.

The End of the Line for Drug Worshipers?

These immune-suppressed people are the ones the CDC is worried about. These folks rely on doctors and drugs instead of good nutrition, sunshine, common sense and their own amazing self-healing bodies.  They believe every medical “fact” they are given on TV and in their doctor’s office.

And now, the CDC says they are running out of magic bullets to kill the drug-resistant bacteria that breed in and infest the hospitals, care homes and doctor’s offices of America. As the Director of the CDC puts it:

“When first-line and then second-line antibiotic treatment options are limited by resistance or are unavailable, healthcare providers are forced to use antibiotics that may be more toxic to the patient and frequently more expensive and less effective .
Even when alternative treatments exist, research has shown that patients with resistant infections are often much more likely to die, and survivors have significantly longer hospital stays, delayed recuperation, and long-term disability …
Dr . Tom Frieden, MD, MPH
Director, U .S . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”

Oh, my!

Do you really want drugs that are “more toxic to the patient… more expensive and less effective”? Do you want to face this prognosis: “…much more likely to die … significantly longer hospital stays, delayed recuperation, and long-term disability”?  And remember, that is in the GOOD case where alternative medical treatments exist.

And you don’t even want to KNOW about the emerging parasites, viruses and fungi that antibiotics cannot touch at all…
C. Diff Facts CDC 2013

 What Is the CDC’s Response to This Threat?

In the 2013 threat report, the CDC proposes four action steps:

“Our core actions that fight the spread of antibiotic resistance are presented and explained, including

1) preventing infections from occurring and preventing resistant bacteria from spreading,

2) tracking resistant bacteria,

3) improving the use of antibiotics, and

4) promoting the development of new antibiotics and new diagnostic tests for resistant bacteria.”

NOT ONE WORD about using the abundance of effective natural ways to fight bacterial, viral and fungal infections!  The wisdom of thousands of years of herbal and other non-toxic therapies are simply ignored. So is the power of the human immune system.

In fact, later in the report, the authors even suggest giving the super-rich drug companies MORE MONEY to help them develop MORE ANTIBIOTICS (which will of course lead to MORE RESISTANT SUPERBUGS).

Why would such smart and educated people appear to be so foolish or blind?

Perhaps this is because the CDC is completely controlled by its masters in the Big Pharma drug companies. The drug companies make billions by patenting a drug to “fix” a problem. They certainly do not want the public to find out about the many free or low-cost solutions to health problems like the “superbugs.”

The Hidden Truth

If you were president of Merck or Pfizer, would YOU want people to know that simple sunshine exposure can dramatically boost their immune system, and even slash their cancer risk?  That dark green vegetables and exercise can prevent or heal many medical conditions? Or that a simple, safe device like the Hulda Clark zapper can dramatically decrease the incidence of common infections of all kinds, whether parasitic, bacterial or viral?

Should We Panic Yet?

The choice of response is up to you. But at least now you know that you HAVE a choice.

As for me, I long ago decided to use all the natural means I could find to support my amazing immune system. I have survived cancer twice, and am in better shape than ever.

My wife and I practice what Dr Hulda Clark called “Self Health,” a simple way of becoming responsible for our own health. Self Health has paid off handsomely for us, and we are thrilled to see our children passing it on as well.

I get lots of sunshine and fresh raw green nutrition, and use my AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark zapper every day to keep my immune system strong. I do not fear the “superbugs.” In fact, we have had several reports from AutoZap zapper customers who have been healed at home from MRSA and other resistant infections with no drama.

It’s Not Too Late: You Can Build Amazing Immunity, Today

How can you start your Self Health journey?

Why not begin today by reading the free Hulda Clark Action Plan? Click here to download. 

You can implement many of her simple clean-ups and prevention steps starting today, for little or no cost.  We give you our very best sources of clean, cheap, healthful products to make your life healthier and easier.  Find more free cleansing tips at

AutoZap 5 zapper pictureAnd if you want to use the AutoZap 5 zapper daily as I do to keep your family immunity strong, check it out here.  We still have a few Wellness Systems with slightly scratched SuperZappicators available at $80 off. They are new, electrically perfect, fully warrantied. Just use Coupon code “IWS2nd” in the box when ordering.  See the online Store here.

Then, “Don’t worry, be happy!”

God bless you,






Dr. Hulda Clark

Sale on Dr Clark’s Secret Weapon


Dr. Hulda ClarkDr Hulda Clark’s Best Tool for a Vital Job

Do you have a simple, reliable way to clean up your food, teeth, body and pets from parasites and toxins?

Right now, is having a great sale on the best tool we have ever found for the job.

… Is Now on Sale!

While stock lasts, is offering $80 off on Wellness Systems in a “factory seconds” sale.  The SuperZappicator units are all physically and electrically perfect, but have small scratches on the cases. Of course, the full 5 year BestZapper parts and labor warranty applies. 

But when the scratched units are gone, the sale is gone, too.

If you don’t mind the scratches, and you act quickly, you can enjoy this great wellness tool at a big saving.  Go to the online store here, and use coupon code “IWS2nd” during checkout to get your $80 off.

As Versatile As A Swiss Army Knife

People all over the world use the Hulda Clark SuperZappicator daily on their food and water. They do this to neutralize food parasites, allergens, pathogens and nasty chemicals like asbestos (from conveyor belts in food processing plants) and the three food chemicals that are necessary to cause cancer.

And you can read about Dr Clark’s own experience eliminating her eye parasites with the SuperZappicator here.

But the SuperZappicator can do much more than that. It is a many-talented device, a true “secret weapon.”

…With Secret Powers!

For many years, wonderful BestZapper customers have sent in good reports on their SuperZappicator tricks. They use it for things Hulda never dreamed it could do.  Watch this video:

YouTube Preview Image


Here is another more detailed description of what the SuperZappicator can do:


Again, you can get your own Wellness System with the SuperZappicator at $80 off with coupon “IWS2nd” at the BestZapper store HERE.  But don’t wait too long – the quantity is limited. Give your body, family and pets a health edge this fall. (and maybe tell a friend or two as well…)

I hope this has helped you to have a super day. God bless you!


P.S. We have discovered a safe, natural way to end stomach and digestive problems of all kinds. It fits with Dr Hulda Clark’s recommendations, and you can start it right away with a free trial. Check it out by clicking the banner below. Their daily emails are also super informative and interesting.


Can the Hulda Clark Zapper Hurt Me?


Pic of woman in fear

A Very Sad Email

I just got an email from a customer that surprised and saddened me.

She said,

“I have not used the AutoZap 5 zapper on anything except the five minute setting, partially because of understanding from your video that five minutes is enough to get the benefits, and partially out of fear!

I also have a SuperZappicator and have not used it because I simply don’t know how to gauge what it is doing, and whether one can overdose on it, et cetera. Frankly, I dropped off of zapping recently because I didn’t know what it was doing, or if I was hurting myself.”

I had to ask myself how many others have felt the same way, silently asking themselves the question, “Can the Hulda Clark zapper hurt me or my family?”

Here Is the Good News About Zapping!

I love to be the bearer of good news, and here it is:

You CANNOT hurt yourself or a loved one by overuse of the AutoZap 5 zapper or the FreeCoil SuperZappicator. They are safe and non-toxic for people and pets of all ages and stages. (Please note that I cannot speak for any other so-called “zapper” out there on the Wild West Web. Many are AC powered or otherwise modified against Dr Clark’s design safety standards, and have actually caused harm).

The worst that can happen is you might get a temporary cleansing (or Herxheimer) reaction as the body releases and expels the toxins it has stored up over the years, for disposal via the kidneys. You can minimize this by drinking lots of clean water, getting good rest, and exercising as you begin your Hulda Clark Self Health zapping routine.

The foundation of Dr Hulda Clark’s approach to Self Health was the Hippocratic principle: “First, do no harm.” Everything for her patients had to be safe, first of all. She tried everything on herself first, to ensure its safety. I have been zapping myself regularly for eighteen years, and have only good results and blessing to report.

Why Should I Zap Every Day?

The simple reason is that we no longer live in the Garden of Eden. Most of the world today is poisoned by the industrial toxins found in our household cleaners, processed and preserved “foods,” GMO vegetables that manufacture poison in every part of the plant, water (polluted by discarded pharmaceutical drugs, industrial wastewater, fertilizer, pesticide, insecticide and herbicide runoff) and air (defiled by new carpet/furniture outgassing, industrial emissions, radioactive Fukushima fallout, car exhaust, and power plant smokestacks).

Does that sound exaggerated? A recent USA study found 284 different industrial pollutants in the blood of NEWBORN INFANTS – including DDT, which was banned 40 years ago.

Dr Clark found that these toxins knocked out a significant number of our immune system warriors – our white blood cells. And when these protective white blood cells are asleep, they cannot defend us from the parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi that they normally will detect and quickly destroy in our bloodstream.

The great news for us is that Dr Clark also found that the tiny current pulses from the zapper could WAKE UP the sleeping warrior cells. Once awake, the white blood cells aggressively scour the bloodstream for intruders, mark them, kill them, and “take out the trash.”

Think of it: the zapper does not have to kill anything. To be effective, it need merely wake up our own sleeping protective warrior cells. Because it works this way, no diagnosis or tuning of the zapper is ever needed for best results.

Compare Zapping With Big Medicine

The difference between Dr Hulda Clark’s approach and the approach pushed by modern Big Medicine could not be more pronounced. As Dr Gary Null and others reported in “Death by Medicine,” mainstream modern medicine is now the leading cause of DEATH in the USA, using the industry’s own statistics.

What this means to you and your loved ones:

If you simply choose to entrust your health to your conventional doctor(s), and do whatever they prescribe, you are more likely to die from the results of their treatments and advice than from any of the other top killers like heart disease and cancer. And the trend shows this is getting worse, not better.

What Should I Do About This Today?

If you have an AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark zapper, begin to use it every day, with confidence that it cannot hurt you, your family or your pets.

As you use it daily, you will begin to see what your amazing self-healing body can do when it is awakened. After you have used the AutoZap 5 super-fast zapper daily for a few months or years, you will be able to look back and see that your health has been protected to a wonderful degree, compared to “normal” life without it.

By the way, by staying healthy through daily zapping, you are also helping to protect the health of those around you. No longer will you transmit colds, flu and worse to those you meet every day. Front line health care workers, Walmart greeters, teachers and daycare workers have shared with us their joy at staying healthy and being a force for health in their workplaces.

Self Health is the only sustainable way that makes sense for the future.

Why not begin today, by using the zapper daily? FEAR NOT!

God bless you,



P.S. Does Your Brain Health Need a Boost?

The suicide of a depressed, desperate mother in Alberta has led to a stunning natural breakthrough in mental health. Simple nutrition with minerals, vitamins and plant extracts has been proven to enable people to get off SSRI’s and other dangerous psychotropic drugs and lead normal, happy lives. Many other wonderful benefits have been found over the last 15 years, and backed up by controlled, independently funded double-blind studies.

SAY GOOD-BYE to anxiety & stress disorder, depression, neuro-cognitive impairment, brain injury, ADHD, psychosis, bipolar, autism, explosive rage, and mood disorder.

See the three-minute Fox News report now:

Email Lyn at for details. Include your phone number for a callback, and free sample pack (limited quantity for the first people to call).

Ask Lyn for the amazing published studies. Get started today!


Angelina Jolie Shows How NOT to Fight Cancer


Is Angelina Jolie leading sheep to slaughter?

Sometimes people do things so crazy they take your breath away. Like the other day, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt proudly announced that she had had both her healthy breasts amputated TO PREVENT CANCER. And instead of recoiling in horror, the mainstream media called her a brilliant hero, a role model for other women!

As a man, you may think that I have no right to comment on such a sensitive and obviously feminine issue. Two things you should know: I also carry the dreaded BRCA1 gene that’s linked to breast cancer (and have a family history of breast cancer, including a mother who had both cancerous breasts removed in the 1950’s), and in 1994 I also had breast cancer that was aggressively growing in my left breast. Fortunately for me, my wife found Dr Hulda Clark’s book, The Cure For All Cancers. Following Dr Clark’s simple protocols saved my life. My breast cancer was gone for good in just three months.

The Big Lie about cancer risk

So why would any sane woman amputate perfectly healthy body parts? In a word, FEAR. Fear based on ignorance is the most powerful weapon in the Big Cancer Industry arsenal. Together with “non-profit” subsidiaries like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, they use misleading statistics based on inaccurate tests and imaging to terrorize women. Statistics like Angelina’s mastectomy-inducing “87% risk of getting breast cancer” are simply advertising copy for the deadly Big Cancer treatment mill.  As even Time Magazine says on their website:

“… a lot of experts worry that we may overread the lessons. Genetic screening is a young science, and while we may have detected genes linked to a host of ills — Alzheimer’s disease, prostate cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, heart disease — we often do a terrible job of calculating our resulting risks. Just over one-tenth of 1% of all women carry the same BRCA mutation Jolie has, and yet doctors expect a stampede of women requesting the test. In the U.S., 36% of women who test positive opt for preventive mastectomy, but some doctors argue that regular MRIs and other screening tests may be sufficient to detect the disease, and that less radical procedures, like lumpectomies, may be sufficient to treat it if it does occur.”  (

How to REALLY fight Cancer, and win

Those who study Dr Clark’s books, and natural health in general, know that cancer is preventable and curable in almost every case. Prevention starts with nutrition, getting plenty of vitamin D through sunshine and supplementation, daily use of the zapper (see and cleaning toxins from our homes, diets and bodies.  You can get a step-by-step guide to Dr Clark’s protocols in the free Hulda Clark Action Plan here.

In the case of breast cancer, getting enough vitamin D alone has been shown to reduce the risk by 78%, and you can reduce that much farther by getting enough iodine and indole-3-carbinol, and using a zapper every day.

As Mike Adams says,

Even Jolie with her BRCA1 gene that’s linked to breast cancer can quite easily follow a dietary and lifestyle plan that suppresses BRCA1 gene expression. It’s not rocket science. It’s not even difficult. It can be done with simple foods that cost a few dollars a day. Those foods include raw citrus, resveratrol (red grapes or red wine), raw cruciferous vegetables, omega-3 oils and much more. Those same foods also help prevent heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases.

Indole-3-carbinol (I3C), by the way, a natural chemical found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, offers powerful prevention against BRCA1 gene expression. But you don’t hear cancer doctors telling women to “eat more cabbage” because that doesn’t make the cancer industry any money. You can buy I3C as a potent nutritional supplement from a variety of sources. It’s literally cancer prevention in a capsule.  (

Remember that you have an amazing self-healing body. It is designed and programmed to heal if you simply give it a chance.

You can safely ignore the fear-mongering and PR of the Big Cancer industry.  By taking responsibility for your own health, which Dr Clark called “Self Health,” you can make sure that you and your family will prosper no matter what disease scares come down the pike.

God bless you as you live preventatively, and enjoy Self Health!


P.S. Remember to get your free Hulda Clark Action Plan here. And share this with your friends!


Can A Baby Safely Use The Hulda Clark Zapper?


Can a Baby Safely Use the Zapper?

We have been getting a lot of questions about using the zapper with babies and small children, so I made this short video to explain it.

YouTube Preview Image

As you will see, this question once more highlights the wisdom and soundness of Dr Hulda Clark’s “Self Health” approach to healing cancer and many other health challenges. She told me that she would never ask a patient to try anything she had not tried herself. This of course motivated her to use only safe substances and methods, mostly relying on the proven herbs and cleanses. As her many thousands of healthy patients can testify, those work just fine.

Pass this on to any friends who have children that can benefit from Dr Clark’s wisdom. And please, let us know your own results with babies and children.

God bless you!


Clock picture

How To Find Time for Zapping Every Day


Time for Zapping - Clock pictureToo Busy to Zap Every Day?

(Guest post by one of our AutoZap 5 zapping family)

I have a Hulda Clark Zapper and believe that prevention is the best medicine. I know the zapping success stories, I know all about it, but finding that 5-minute slot of time in my day is my hardest obstacle.

Since I am a go-go-go type of person, I have plans and appointments. I have things to do, interruptions, and lists of jobs for my day. I procrastinate, say that I will do it later, and end up leaving the zapper on the shelf. I have excuses, and just fail to actually pick up that little box and begin zapping.

I feel badly, especially when I tell others they should be zapping. I hear the stories of others who say they just forget and don’t make the time. The zapper is sitting on their shelf for years, while they have the flu and other health challenges that they should be working on. I’m convinced that I should be zapping, but not convinced enough or I would actually do it.

Here’s My Time Secret

Conductive Gloves! Once you realize how versatile the CONDUCTIVE GLOVES are, you realize that finding time is the least of your worries. Time will automatically be there.

You will find the time because the gloves give you almost ZERO set-up time.

First, let me share with you creative ways you can use conductive gloves to make your zapping a dream:

  1. Slip your hands into the gloves, push the start button and away you go. You usually don’t even have to wet your hands because the green SenseAlert light will light up, showing you that you have a good contact. If it is dim, add a few drops of tap water on the gloves and clap them together to spread the moisture.
  2. Roll up each glove into a roll. Hold onto the two rolls as if you were holding a pipe or handle, with enough pressure to watch the green contact light go on brightly. I like the glove rolls because they are soft and comfortable for my small hands.
  3. Fold the gloves in half. While you are seated on a chair or couch, place one under each bare leg. The pressure of your weight will make sure that the green contact light will shine brightly.
  4. Slip the Conductive Gloves on your feet. Looks don’t matter. Just press the start button, and the green contact light will shine brightly. The gloves will look a little funny – but it’s all about making it work.
  5. Flatten the Conductive Gloves – place each foot over one glove and press the start button. It’s a great alternative to using metal foot plates.
  6. For a person with only one leg or one arm, you can use one glove on one hand, and place the other glove on your opposite foot, or tucked under the armpit of either arm.
  7. Conductive Gloves are easy for children – they would rather have a cool set of gloves on than try to hold onto a piece of copper pipe. It is also difficult to hurt yourself or a sibling with a set of soft gloves.

When I Like to Zap

You will discover more creative times to Zap than I have listed here – once you have mastered the handy Conductive Gloves.

  1. Zap while you brush your teeth, or play piano
  2. Zap while traveling in your car. After your 5 minutes is done, pass it on to others with you.
  3. Zap while sitting at your computer – using the gloves on your feet or hands, under your feet, or even under your legs as you sit.
  4. Zap while reading on the couch in the living room, watching the television, or anywhere where you will be in one place for at least 5 minutes. The AutoZap 5 zapper is tiny, and can fit into a pocket or purse so you always have it with you when you have time.

Benefits of Daily Zapping

When I zap every day, I find that I stay in wonderful health, even when I travel in Third World airplanes, eat foreign foods, and have a stressful life. As Dr. Hulda Clark wrote, this is because the zapper actually wakes up your own immune system and keeps it in tip-top shape day after day.

Conductive gloves are light, extremely versatile, easy to travel with, great for children and adults, and more user friendly than any other zapper contact on the market today. I recommend getting the large size to make sure everyone in your household is comfortable.

Time to Zap will come when you have mastered the versatility of the Conductive Gloves. A lifetime of health makes it SO worth it!




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